Purpose, Principles and Objectives


  • Demonstrating how a new generation of organisations will serve and encourage humanity;
  • Promote goodwill through right thought and activities;
  • Empower interested persons through education, so that “in the peace of understanding shall they dwell”.


  • The Living  Light Centre uses the rights and freedoms alive in the United  Nations  Universal Declaration of Human Rights as governing principles;
  • The Living Light  Centre also draws on wisdom and principles found in ancient and established spiritual Laws;
  • The Living Light Centre operates on the principal that we share so that we may receive, and that we may receive so that we are able to give again – thus fulfilling a balanced cycle;
  • Accordingly, we believe that everyone has some quality of value that they can share


  • To cooperate with other organisations charged with the urge to foster goodwill between peoples,  organisations and nations;
  • To encourage people to support each other by the development of constructive relations,  and the development and maintenance of positive and cooperative attitudes;
  • To promote the concept of group consciousness l, and to stimulate discussion on understanding and addressing the associated personality difficulties and challenges that working in group formation can encounter;
  • To  assist in the formation of a new civilisation based on goodwill.


Too the Living  Light  Centre is an evolving international entity. It is currently setting up service activities in Australia and the Philippines.  The Living Light  Centre  (LLC) is a voluntary organisation of men and women of goodwill who support its principles and objectives.


The work is currently financed solely by voluntary contributions.

Yours in joyful service

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